Minorities Kickstart Programme

Summary of the Programme

The programme provides experiential skills development for minorities who are unemployed or economically inactive, in media production, social media, ITC and video production.

It does this by providing a community of belonging centred around a celebratory luxury food magazine and video series in the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole area.

It’s a safe place for people to experiment and learn new skills in media and build confidence. Participants will explore the relationship between food and media and in the process of making content encounter food entrepreneurs who have inspiring stories to tell about their own personal journeys to run restaurants and food businesses.

The magazine and video series will be focused on stories from minorities and will share information about recipes, health and wellbeing.

What to expect

Your first engagement with the programme will be in sharing a story or recipe and we go from there.

You will join a group co-creating the new video series and luxury magazine in an experiential way based on your interests and skills.

Working as a team on this programme you will learn:

  • Photography Skills
  • Interview skills (being interviewed and taking interviews)
  • Arranging Interviews and video shoots
  • Article planning and writing.
  • Branding & Customer Profiles
  • Presenting skills
  • Lighting
  • Using computers
  • Smartphone Filming
  • Video Editing
  • Magazine Design
  • How to deliver a Restaurant Review
  • Presenting recipes

You are not expected to do all the above but to select two or three areas that interest you.

The experience will also lay an introductory foundation to setting up and promoting a new business, sufficient to enable you to gain an interest to seek further support after your programme ends.

Time commitment

You will engage over a 12-week period to align with a magazine publishing cycle within school terms and hours.

This will include:

  • 6 weeks of 2-hour workshop sessions together as a group as a core foundation
  • 3 hours of one-to-one support looking at education, training, and employment/self-employment options / barriers
  • 3 group meals together
  • Supplementary time producing content on location, practice at home, and remotely which will be determined by the participants themselves.

Therefore, there will be 15 hours of structured time.

It is anticipated that you will help create at least one published article or video item you can share and we will provide a certificate of completion of the Programme.

The exact times and places that this programme takes place will vary depending upon the group and what they decide together is best for them.

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