We’re looking for media professionals to join us on our journey as we launch a luxury magazine and video web series. Whether you are a Writer, Editor, Graphic Designer, Film Maker, Photographer, Presenter, Event Planner or Set Designer. The list goes on.

We are particularly interested to hear from those who my like to share their knowledge and skills with the vulnerable people we support on Our Programmes. There are a mixture of voluntary leadership roles and apprenticeships that could lead to employment and freelance work further down the road. If you like the sound of what we are doing then get in touch.

Join us as we journey and co-create together.

—A glimpse at some of the ideas being progressed

The Main Event

—Something that puts The Fusionist — and its philosophy — on the map

Our headline activation will be something that fulfils every aspect of The Fusionist’s reason for being. It should put us on the map.  It will be an opportunity for students of all varieties to showcase  what they’ve learned. It will serve as a milestone in our documentation, and it will fuel our marketing endeavours for a meaningful amount of time both in advance and after the fact. This will be a full-team effort that requires a great deal of planning, partnership, and sponsorship, and so will warrant its own plan independent of all others.

Supporting Events

—Something with an existing audience

There are plenty of get-togethers in the BCP conurbation, many of which are attended by the kinds of people that would love what we’re doing. Hosting events of our own will be all-encompassing, so it will pay to act in support of existing events wherever we can. Serving as food supplier, for instance, The Maker’s Market in Bournemouth, would guarantee not only footfall, but engagement.
In turn, this would lead to greater interest from candidates, investors, and prospective guests at our main event.

Editorial Calendar

—Our publication compass, schedule, and strategy

Blogs are notoriously difficult to get eyes on. That’s because there are thousands of them out there, each claiming to have a unique mission or personality. Additionally, many readers look to centralised blog platforms like Medium for their content, so disrupting their viewing patterns — where all the content they like is in one place — is no mean feat. All this to say: we need to develop a strong editorial plan that articulates what we’ll say, when, how, where, and why. Without this, our hard-crafted content will fail to get the attention it deserves.

The Website

—A home for our content, and an inlet for all enquiries

For cohesion, clarity, and clout, The Fusionist’s website needs to represent the brand and its vision to a tee. It needs to be easy to use, it needs to accommodate our various content types in a logical and engaging way, and it needs inspire and engage through beautiful aesthetics and discerning design. Despite our good intentions, without these things, people — for whom these elements provide creative, stylistic, and aspirational value — simply won’t engage. In addition, the website should be an easy gateway for candidates, press, and prospective partners.

The Brand Identity

—Our visual language, locked in across all channels

Whether it’s the logo, print style, colour ways, or photographic principles, as a content publisher, we need cogency in order to stand out. If we lead by example, we are more likely to entice prospective candidates, guests, partners and investors. A strong sense of visual identity will make our content easier to assemble, better to digest, and standing out will become straightforward. Rather than having to laboriously shout about what we’re doing from the rooftops, it’ll simply be present in our DNA.

The Documentary

—The Fusionist’s story, brought to life

Demonstrating the good that the Fusionist does will be critical in scaling and expanding the offering as time goes by. There is no format more fitting than a documentary, which details the initiative from inception to success. Such a film would likely be shot by our students, star our students, and be distributed by our students — all with support and guidance from the team leaders. In addition to documenting the story so far — its peaks and its pitfalls — it should detail where the initiative aims to go next.